Rachael Lindsay


Rachael Lindsay

Welcome to my school page.

If you would like me to come into your school, with my basket of little troll friends, I would be very happy to do so. We will all speak troll together! Marvellurg!

I visit schools regularly, giving assemblies and workshops to all primary children, who are always keen to ask questions about being an author and the trolls who live with me. We have lots of creative fun, the visits really inspiring writing and further reading. Characters and settings come to life, and language is explored imaginatively to great effect. I can talk about the writing process, from inspiration and the dreaded planning, to publication, production and marketing. Being an ex-teacher, I know how important it is to provide valuable input, and staff who invite me into their classrooms are always delighted with the enthusiastic response in their children. Parents report that they have keen readers and story-writers at home, all of a sudden, and some now tell their teachers that they want to be authors!

In addition to the successful modules of work using “The Warrior Troll” and “The Bogler’s Apprentice”, both being implemented extensively in many schools, I have creative, exciting ideas across the curriculum for my other books. I am happy to give author input to KS2 staff, so that they can embrace the troll world with their classes, knowing that valuable learning is going to be refreshingly different! Contact me if you would like to know more about me, the texts and my resources.

If you would like me to come into school, please email or call me. I will plan lessons to suit your needs and I'm always flexible in my approach, so your children benefit fully. My rates are very reasonable and, without doubt, we will have a good time!

Thank you!

Phone numbers available on request

Darnhall Primary School Testimonial:

Darnhall Primary School had the absolute privilege of hosting a visit from Rachael Lindsay. Rachael started the day with a KS2 assembly which mesmerised all of the children! The Year 4 and 5 groups then had an incredible time working in smaller groups with Rachael. The children met the various trolls and then got to know a few of the trolls in detail...after learning how to converse with them!

This was a fantastic start to our English unit for “The Warrior Troll”. The children are well and truly hooked and can't wait to find out more about the adventures of the trolls.

Thank you Rachael, we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. You were so well prepared and the children fell in love with both you and your little friends!

Abby Lowry

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